Pina Colada Cake

dwaines, Sep 18, 9:15pm
Does anyone have a recipe for Pina Colada Cake.We were at Murrayfields at the weekend and had this divine cake there.I asked for the recipe but they wouldnt share :-(Anyway apparently it had no flour in it, but used eggs, oil, pineapple, rum, coconut etc.Have had a look on the internet but cant find one that is similar (most of the ones i have seen use a packet mix as a base).

johne21, Sep 18, 10:00pm
If you look on Jo Segar's site i think it may be in there....Its in her Cook School cookbook...Hope this helps

dwaines, Sep 18, 10:20pm
Thank you so much Johne21 - i had just bought her book the other day to put away as a present for somone for xmas..LOL its my book now!

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