Brisket ~ how long do you cook yours for?

Just curious as my husband thinks it should be for hours whereas I find that 2 hours on a simmer is enough ... or is it?

Chef_darlingmole, Sep 9, 2:29 pm

Depends on the size of the pieces and the age of the animal.

Mine are usually cooked in the crockpot for 5 hours.

Chef_uli, Sep 9, 2:30 pm

hmmm, thanks uli, it was 4 boneless pieces I got yesterday from the mad butcher so no idea how old it is however it's nice and tender 2 hours after cooking.However thanks for your input ... might try it in my crockpot next time instead of the stove top and save some power!

Chef_darlingmole, Sep 9, 2:35 pm

i put some brisket(mad butchers too-cheap) in a rice cooker last 2-3hours..roughly... add some kumaras,potatoes and a couple bunches of fresh watercress and your away..

Chef_nahzee, Sep 9, 2:40 pm