Can chocolate cake batter be made in advance?

linster, Aug 16, 8:01am
Im planning to host a dinner & would like to make chocolate cake for dessert. . would it be a bad idea to make the batter several hours in advance?

waswoods, Aug 16, 8:53am
Why don't you just bake it a few hours ahead of time? The baking powder starts a reaction with the liquid immediately so after a few hours the "raising agent" won't "raise" anymore

uli, Aug 16, 8:54am
Most chocolate cakes are better after a day - more moist.
I would bake it the day before.

duckmoon, Aug 16, 10:12am
I don't add liquid to baking powder and then leave to sit...
The raising agent starts to work, and then the cake doesn't rise when cooked.

duckmoon, Aug 16, 10:13am
If you want to make an impression on your guests...
you could make the chocolate cake in advance, and then serve with a chocolate ganche sauce

tortenz, Aug 16, 10:44pm
I worked in a bakery... all muffins you see in the supermarket have the mixture made and put in the paper cups the day before, stored in the fridge overnight, and baked the next morning :)Doesn't hurt them

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