Help!! I don't have enough butter to make

redroofs, Aug 8, 10:01am
butter icing. Can I supplement it with margarine? Thanks for your help.

carbon_trader, Aug 8, 10:12am
apparently Yes

though I would say you will not get the same solid icing finish as you would with butter. . and the taste may be "plastic like"

245sam, Aug 8, 10:14am
redroofs wrote:
butter icing. Can I supplement it with margarine? quote]

redroofs, it's not something I've ever done and my thinking is that your icing most likely wouldn't set as it would if made with butter. What are you wanting to ice? - is there a different type of icing that would be just as appropriate for whatever you're makinge. g. a ganache or a cream cheese or sour cream-based icing? :-))

elliehen, Aug 8, 10:17am
How much butter do you have? You won't be able to make a full butter cream icing, but all you need to make a decent plain butter icing is about 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter for an average-size cake.

I'd stay with a small quantity of butter for icing, for 'mouth-feel' and setting quality.

pickles7, Aug 9, 5:29am
use the butter you have and , milk not water. Way creamy, glossy, smooth. .

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