Stuffed egg

mizpizzy, Aug 6, 11:28am
any ideas for tasty stuffed eggs? I am to do 3 doz for a 21st tomorrow.

gardie, Aug 6, 6:59pm
Worchestire (sp) sauce, pinch or 2 of curry powder - this does not make it taste curry-ish but adds a depth of flavour, parsley, plenty salt and pepper. Happy peeling (the worst bit I reckon).

auntlb, Aug 6, 7:00pm
I boil the eggs and then cut them in half when they are cool. Scoop out the egg yolk and mix mashed yolk with some curry powder and a dash of worchester sauce or sweet thai chilli sauce and then put the yolk back in to the centres of the yolks - pipe it in if you want it to look a bit more fancy!

auntlb, Aug 6, 7:00pm

darlingmole, Aug 6, 8:14pm
I do my eggs pretty much the same!

However you could always mash the yolks with pepper/salt/butter and some freshed chopped chives (Mum would do it this way for a change)

petal1955, Aug 6, 8:17pm
As the above with the mashed yolks... ... ... . . pepper and salt and chopped chives/parsley but would add a little condensed milk salad dressing to combine then spoon back into the whites.

autocars1, Aug 7, 7:25am
Yep, pretty much the same... chilly sauce sounds good. I sometimes put in chopped up parsley. . nice taste.

ferita, Aug 7, 7:38am
If you eat seafood you can add some chopped prawns to it. Make sure to tell the people eating it though as they may be allergic to prawns.

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