Pound cake....good for shaping???

o2direct, Feb 18, 8:08am
Im thinking of using a pound cake, as I have heard its much easier to shave/cut the cake into your desired shape.

margyr, Feb 18, 8:27am
the heavier the cake the easier it is to cut, also freeze it use a really sharp knife or a serated one to cut and you wont get so many crumbs.

nzhel, Feb 19, 12:19pm
Often for shaped cakes the bought packet cakes are recommended. I have always found them successful, very nice and stress free tho of course homemade from scratch would be healthier - if you can say that about cake! !

o2direct, Feb 22, 3:21am
Thank you! ! ... sorry for the late thanks

catlover28, Feb 22, 7:50am
Whats a recipe for pound cake

melandco, Feb 22, 11:26am
Here's the one I use. I double it and cook it in a cake tin.

http://www.taste.com. au/recipes/10665/basic+pound+cake

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