Oil leaking out of carrot cake

korbo, May 31, 7:36pm
Made a carrot cake for my birthday today, yesterday, and last night, smelled oil, looked in the oven, and the bottom was swimming with oil. i used one of those loose bottom tin, what a job cleaning it up. I didnt line the tin, maybe i should have. anyone else got any idea to stop the oil from leaking. cake looks fine...

lilyfield, May 31, 8:33pm
put in less next time

trah, May 31, 10:33pm
I had this experience with a couple of loose bottomed cake tins, and it really has put me off them. I never use them any more.

bidz, May 31, 11:16pm
I use a spring form cake tin for my carrot cake - the recipe is the Chelsea Best Carrot Cake Ever recipe and to stop the oil coming out the bottom, I double-line the tray with baking paper. So put a round piece overhanging the bottom round tray part and then line the tin as per normal with a whole sheet, moulded to the tin. I too lost oil, smells bad and also the cake is less moist without it.

korbo, Jun 1, 8:14pm
well, had the birthday yesterday, and the carrot cake came out top.
It was really nice and everyone commented on how moist it was, but didnt taste oily... . no wonder 1/2 the oil was in the bottom of the oven. . lol... Others also said the loose bottom tin was bad for making a carrot cake in... so will not use it next time... thanks for your help

margyr, Jun 1, 8:18pm
the loose bottom one i always line, cut a circle and then cut little bits into it then when you push it into the bottom of the tin the cut bits will let it shape itself up the side you need to cut the circle about an inch bigger than the bottom of your tin, grease the paper coming up the side of the tin and then put a strip of paper around the inside of the tin. glad you had a happy birthday korbo.

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