Dolly Varden cake

shaneandsarah, May 30, 1:27am
My daughter wants one of these for her birthday. Do I need a super flash pan or can I just use a stainless steel bowl?

eternity04, May 31, 9:17pm
See if you can hire one from somewhere. I was going to use a bowl until I realised that it wouldnt give me the right shape at the top.

duckmoon, Jun 1, 12:14am
I have made a cake like that in a glass mixing bowl.

cookessentials, Jun 1, 1:18am
The dolly vardin tins are available, however, they are around the $50 mark.

ziggy16, Jun 1, 2:54am
I hired one from a cake shop for less than $10 bucks bloody thing turned out rock hard too what a disaster but the cake looked good, just took so long for the middle to cook so the outside dried out

tich50, Jun 1, 7:49am
iusearicecolander. Linewithbakingpaper.

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