Do Edmonds put out 2 baking powders,

korbo, May 13, 7:20pm
just noticed on new packet bought last night that it is gluten free, has this always been the case. anyone got a packet in their pantry. will it make any diff to baking.

cappucino1, May 13, 10:53pm
Hi, I found baking poweder in my cupboard but not in the original packet- bother!

I have checked out the Edmonds website and they do only have one baking powder so I can only think that it has always been gluten free. It did say on the website something about being a tried and tested product for over 70 years- so doesn't sound like its changed.

Don't worry too much about it, I don't imagine that even in the slim chance that it has changed that it would affect your baking.

Hope this helps, have a good day

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