Jatz Clix Crackers

paora-tm, Feb 15, 10:43am
Just an update. Found Clix at PaknSav Manukau last week but didn't find any at PaknSav Sylvia Park today. I can stop baking crispy bread squares now although they are probably healthier for me. That's as long as Manukau has them regularly stocked. I really don't like any other crackers.

paora-tm, Dec 1, 6:19am
Does any of your supermarkets sell these? Have only ever seen them in one supermarket but they don't seem to stock them anymore.

sizzo, Dec 1, 3:23pm
The yellow box ? Our local New World still has them.

just4jess, Dec 1, 9:52pm
I frequently get them from Countdown.

robyn35, Dec 1, 11:21pm
i havent been able to find them in pak n saves or countdown

sizzo, Dec 2, 12:32am
Just been to Countdown - not there anymore. Maybe they've been discontinued.

wildflower, Dec 2, 1:54am
No, my father was eating them buy Countdown Masterton have got rid of them.

cutezie, Dec 2, 10:28am
Pak n save Royal oak Bought some today

cutezie, Dec 2, 10:29am
I eat them like potato chips

unknowndisorder, Dec 3, 7:11pm
Taupo Pak n save had them yesterday. But I thought they were red. I just remember seeing a mountain of them and puzzling what they were and their odd name.

paora-tm, Dec 3, 8:37pm
Yes, the yellow box. I eat them like potato chips as well, I suppose - just love their unhealthy buttery crispness. lol. It was our local Fresher Produce store which I used to buy them from. I should actually ask someone there if they are temporarily or permanently out of stock. The question was asked here because I was curious if anyone had seen them in in any other stores - which I haven't. I wonder why - they are my absolute favourite cracker biscuits.

glynsmum, Jan 14, 9:09am
Countdown Blenheim yesterday.

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