Broken Biscuits.

fifie, Apr 12, 12:30am
A Club has found large bags of broken choc/plain biscuits in a freezer. Looks like some icing bits in the mix to. They come from a factory. They could make a fudge cake I guess by adding melted butter and vanilla, any other ideas?
. Someone went overboard in the catering dept and bought to many lol

lilyfield, Apr 12, 1:31am
rumballs- make-pac- auction off for fundraising

punkinthefirst, Apr 12, 2:00am
Does anyone know if they are still available? I was a member of a large family. Every afternoon when we got off the school bus we went straight to the cowshed, where Mum kept a tin of broken biscuits and the old Nestle "Coffee and Milk". After our afternoon tea, we had chores to do. We're having a reunion later this year, and I'd dearly love to buy a box or two of broken biscuits to show all of our grandkids and g. grandies a taste of the "good old days".

articferrit, Apr 12, 2:47am
We used to get large tins of broken biscuits as well and the fight was on to get the iced animal biscuits first.

strowan1, Apr 12, 3:34am
Mum used to sift through and take all the half decent ones out! They were put in another tin and dolled out sparingly. Why aren’t broken biscuits available nowadays, they were great and inexpensive. Most biscuits made off shore maybe?

gilligee, Apr 12, 3:58am
Because with today's packaging they don't get broken and there is no wastage.

jascas, Apr 12, 4:04am
Did they come from Kayes Bakery? Not sure if they still do, but they used to have recipe sheets there that they would give you when you bought bags of slice ends, seconds of biscuits etc.

morticia, Apr 12, 4:06am
Yeah they do, they just get sold as first grade whether they are all intact or not.

harrislucinda, Apr 12, 6:49am
baker boys sell off cuts of slices

fifie, Oct 5, 12:14pm
Yes they did, thanks for that info, person who bought them is long gone so prolly gad a recipe. Rum balls would be good to lillyfield done up in cellophane bags for fund raising.

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