Potatoes: Agria vs Inca Gold

Greetings! I am curious if anyone has tried both of these and, if so, what their thoughts are. I would be interested to hear a comparison between the two / pros and cons.

I am well familiar with Agria but have never tried Inca Gold, which look nice (exclusive to Countdown). I'm not a massive fan of spuds but like one occasionally, particularly when drizzed with EVOO and salt. I make a mean mash to go with stews/top smoked fish pie. Roasties are my favourite and always want crispness.

Chef_trigal1, Jun 30, 12:13 pm

depends on the seasons and Agria is my pick at the moment and make awesome roast spuds

Chef_articferrit, Jun 30, 1:29 pm

Agria is my chips potato

Chef_lythande1, Jun 30, 3:13 pm

Anyone tried the low carb potatoes? They keep their shape so are great for roasties, chips, wedges and as baked.

Chef_nauru, Jun 30, 6:15 pm

I purchase online with CD due to my disability. What annoys me after complaining to CD that there is no description of their potatoes I was ignored.
They don't seem to comprehend there are floury potatoes and waxy ones. It must be 2 yrs now since I brought this to their notice and I have been ignored.
Sadly CD is not the best choice to buy from, but when having to do this online, one is forced to accept whatever crap that is on offer.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jun 30, 6:30 pm

At my supermarket they label the unwashed ones with the potato type, but the washed ones are called 'washed potatoes' with no type. Drives me nuts.

Chef_huggy5, Jun 30, 6:40 pm

Papakura New World has a online delivery service now if your location is correct.

Chef_sw20, Jun 30, 8:37 pm

They’re a bit waxy for good crisp roasties I found but otherwise they’re fine

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 30, 9:31 pm

I prefer the Agria, with Vivaldi a close second, both being able to be snapped up at $4.00 for 4 kg bag. when on special.

Chef_wheelz, Jul 2, 7:01 pm

Just checked online. seems clear to me. If it says boiling or salads, then it's waxy, if roasting or mashing its floury. The loose dirty spuds are always Agria, the washed, all purpose.

Chef_wheelz, Jul 2, 7:09 pm

This time of year they are all a bit manky. Prefer Moonlight and Ilam Hardy in season. Desiree are a good red skinned variety, and the gold one is nice too.

Chef_figjam000, Jul 3, 2:49 pm

Lucky Sod Agria have been excellent all season!

Chef_wheelz, Jul 3, 4:46 pm

Agria, every time. Love them.

Chef_birdland12, Jul 3, 4:50 pm

Yes sadly again a huge let down, you can only use a cell phone or tablet.
I have a desk top PC and I want to be able to browse the stock on a decent screen. They told me they will get around to sorting this. I would have thought PC would be first option.

Chef_cleggyboy, Aug 10, 5:41 am