Help! Made big pot of Pumpkin Soup

sue164, Jul 1, 12:43am
2 weeks ago, put into preserving jars thought it had sealed. put it into cupboard. It has leaked out and smells.
Can I boil it up again and freeze it, or NO

molly37, Jul 1, 12:53am
God NO, i wouldnt!

sue164, Jul 1, 12:58am
OK I did think it should be a"down the dunny soup" Live n learn eh?
Lucky we have a few pumpkins I will try again and freeze it. thanks Molly

rainrain1, Jul 1, 1:28am
A definite God no here as well

davidt4, Jul 1, 1:39am
Throw it away.

buzzy110, Jul 1, 2:28am
You've made an excellent decision. I can only commiserate with you about the waste of your time, energy and ingredients that went into the making of your pumpkin soup.

sue164, Jul 1, 2:52am
Yes Thanks buzzy110.x

articferrit, Jul 1, 2:52am
Next time, if there is one, its easier to freeze it, smaller lots,flat in self sealing bags, and there is NO way you can save the soup you already made,

korbo, Jul 1, 5:23am
I freeze my leftover soup in takeaway containers. doesnt take long to defrost.

sue164, Jul 1, 5:23am
OK thank ladies.

uli, Jul 1, 5:34am
Definitely no - do not use it and be careful to clean and boil the dish cloths as well as it could harbour botulism which can kill you in very small quantities.

Just for interest - why did you think you could pour pumpkin soup into jars and then not even bottle them properly and think it would keep? Hopefully there is no recipe like that lurking on the terrible web?

paora-tm, Jul 1, 8:43am
Did you not see the words 'thought it had sealed"?

bella95, Aug 12, 9:06am
What a shame. Had that happen to me with some roasted peppers l'd spent most of the day preparing. Gutting.
I freeze my soup in icecube trays then bag or container it. That way l can take out as much or as little as l want - anything from just a couple of cubes to throw in a stew to a double my usual quantity if someone pops round. Quicker to heat up too.

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