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uli, Mar 13, 1:08am
on the bench

lilyfield, Mar 13, 2:46am
In the garage ,which is accessable from kitchen.eggs keep 6 weeks, even in summer.

figjamto, Mar 16, 2:29am
In the fridge, but if I am going to bake anything I take them out for a few hours or overnight to come up too room temperature

uli, Mar 16, 5:19am
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. :}

noelinevc, Mar 16, 10:56am
Probably because you are bumping threads that are a year old - why?

tomz, Mar 19, 1:10am
Just wondering if I should store them at room temp. or in the fridge

245sam, Mar 19, 1:20am
Normally at room temperature - a few ready for use on a shelf in our laundry which is cooler than the kitchen, the remainder on a shelf in the garage which is cooler again. :-))

buzzy110, Mar 19, 1:42am
I have plenty of fridge space so put them in there. I usually buy in bulk which saves me running to the free range place every week as it is off my usual shopping route. I think them safe from clumsy DH and little touching everything hands (grandies) when they are in the fridge.

veejay13, Mar 19, 2:11am
Probably depends on how quickly you use them. They're probably okay at room temperature for a couple of weeks. I seem to use them in fits and starts, so always keep the bulk in the fridge but with 3 or 4 on a kitchen shelf at room temperature.

davidt4, Mar 19, 2:14am
In the fridge.

rainrain1, Mar 19, 2:17am
On my bench in cartons.

docsportello, Mar 19, 2:23am
never all in the same basket.

timturtle, Mar 19, 2:28am
On the laundry bench they last for ages and are always at room temp to cook. Mum always stored hers above the fridge in a wooden bowl Monkey see Monkey do ! Lol

samanya, Mar 19, 2:32am
I store my eggs in the fridge.
I have my own chooks so they are ultra fresh & they keep for ages.
I bake with room temperature eggs.

kay141, Mar 19, 2:41am
In the fridge. I don't eat them often and don't bake. I do take any I need out a couple of hours before cooking.

kaddiew, Mar 19, 2:46am
Also in the fridge, and I take out only what I need an hour or so before baking.

tomz, Mar 19, 3:21am
Thanks a lot everyone, it looks like the fridge wins except for a few out for ready use

lythande1, Mar 19, 3:24am
In the fridge.
After eggs are purchased, they will maintain their best quality for about 3 weeks after the "sell by", "use by", "best by", or "expiration" date on the carton, assuming continuous refrigeration.

An egg can be contaminated with Salmonella either externally, if bacteria penetrate the eggshell, or internally, if the hen itself carried Salmonella and the bacteria was transferred into the egg before the shell formed (4).

How eggs are handled, stored and cooked is essential for preventing Salmonella outbreaks from contaminated eggs.

For example, storing eggs below 40°F (4°C) halts the growth of Salmonella, and cooking eggs to at least 160°F (71°C) kills any bacteria that is present.

While eggs aren’t any different in the US and Europe, the way they’re treated for Salmonella is. Therefore, whether your eggs need to be kept in the fridge or not really depends on how your country tackles Salmonella.

See here for the full info:


mazzy1, Mar 19, 3:44am
We eat eggs every day and I've always kept them in the pantry. Too much beer and wine in our fridge so no room for eggs as well! lol

rainrain1, Mar 19, 3:58am
You're on to it ha ha

beaker59, Mar 19, 4:29am

Speaking of eggs check this out

buzzy110, Mar 19, 4:41am
Awww. That was frightening but so cute. Did you see its wee beating heart? It raised a question I'd never thought to ask before - when did it start breathing/do embryonic chicks breathe in their shells?

beaker59, Mar 20, 5:18am
Notice the hole in base with cotton wool and the holes burnt into the gladwrap in another video they explain that that is to allow air and the lower hole for oxygen injection late in the incubation. It is my understanding that the chicks breathe via osmosis through the shell normally. Its a bit odd though fascinating at the same time. At the end the chick would not know when it had been born so rather just wake up in a plastic cup. When was my birthday it would think if chickens think such things.

I have had a 40 yr career in chemistry geology and polymer science I have a desire to do this one day if I get access to an incubator I will try.

buzzy110, Mar 20, 5:35am
And what about imprinting? Perhaps it also thought, "which one of those big leather clad feet is my parent?"

amasser, Mar 20, 7:24am
In frige at this time of year, as it takes a few weeks to consume a dozen.

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