Have I cracked an easy way to peel eggs

dalkemade, Dec 31, 7:53pm
Thanks but that one did not work for me previously

dalkemade, Dec 31, 7:59pm
Thanks pickles if my new method lets me down I will resort to that

amasser, Jan 1, 12:25am
Droughts! Don't waste water. How serious is this or is it even a problem?

buzzy110, Jan 2, 3:03am
This. The egg cooker cooks the whites and leaves the yolks soft or runny, depending on how much water you put in. Eggs peel just fine when the white is cooked. My one complaint is that I killed my egg cooker. I certainly wouldn't recommend the Sunbeam one that does 4 'boiled' eggs and three 'poached' eggs. Mine didn't last very long.

My next one will come from K-mart which sells a 6 'boiled' egg cooker in the hope that it will last longer because an egg cooker takes away all the guess work.

laura.bag, Jan 3, 2:34am
All you have to do is place a slice of lemon in the pot when
Boiling your eggs and the shell peels easy.

dairymaid, Jan 3, 6:52am
on face book one day is said to up in a jar with a little cold water put lid on shake carefully the skin pops off have tried it and it worked

twinkley1, Jan 3, 7:40am
I tap both ends firmly on bench then gently roll the egg. Shell comes of perfectly every time.

dalkemade, Jan 4, 6:33am
Wow havent heard that one, will try. Thanks

dalkemade, Jan 4, 6:35am
twinkley and dairymaid,, I wish your ones worked for me but did not have much success. Thanks

snapperheadrkp, Jan 5, 9:57pm
3rd time I have tried this and it worked again today on 12 eggs laid by our chooks in the past 5 days.
Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water you intend to boil the eggs in.
I would be interested in your results

pickles7, Jan 6, 11:06pm
Yep, no guess work with those cookers, soft medium or hard, I did have problems until I started to pierce the air sac. I gave up on the pot as I hated cleaning the pot if one egg exploded. When pierced they don't explode at all.

devonwrecked, Jan 7, 12:52am
Another vote for egg piercing. They never break in the pot and are easier to peel once cool. I used to do it with a bluntish needle, but now have a wee gadget that does it, one of the few that hasn't ended up at the op shop!

dalkemade, Jan 8, 5:45am
I will be trying this idea and also the lemon peel one next couple times I cook eggs. Thanks

oopie, Jan 10, 3:48am
That's a new one, I'll give it a try.

None of the others suggested here have ever worked on the new laid eggs we get from our chooks. And yes, I've tried them all. I currently chop the whole egg in half and scoop.

Occasionally I'd like whole eggs!

oopie, Jan 10, 3:48am
Will try this too.

dalkemade, Dec 30, 3:08am
Have never found an easy way to peel fresh eggs or reasonably fresh and have read a heap of methods that promised success but didnt for me. Today I cooled them a bit then put them warm into the fridge as I was going out, Came back 3 hours later and was thrilled to be able to peel them easily. Was 3 hrs necessary or could it be shorter? Dont know. Was it a fluke and will it work again? I live in hope

wasgonna, Dec 30, 4:06am
Pretty much what I've always done. Just wait until they are cold, wouldn't need 3 hrs. I then take out and cup an egg in the hand and slam them onto the sink bench and roll with hand. They should then peel in large pieces.

By slamming I only mean hard enough to crack shell and enough weight from hand to open cracks as you roll them for peeling.

tazdevil38, Dec 30, 5:10am
I was taught when I was doing my chef training, once cooked, run them under cold water for a good 15 or so mins, even longer. I have found that fresh eggs tend to peel more easily too

dalkemade, Dec 30, 5:34am
Thanks wasgonna. I had been trying doing that after getting them cold in water but did not work.
tazdevil38 that is interesting I have always found fresh eggs harder to peel. must be the local chooks ha ha

wheelz, Dec 30, 6:27am
I bounce them around in the empty pot after cooking. to crack the shells a bit, then run under cold water. Leave them to cool before peeling.

pickles7, Jan 15, 11:52am
I have had no problems at all after cooking them in my egg cooker holds 7 eggs at a time. I use the pin in the measure cup to pierce the round end, place them pointed end down, once the buzzer goes I put the eggs into cold water in a bowl to cool them a bit . they peel no problems at all. I haven't even had one crack in as long as I have used the cooker

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