Pork belly slices.cook how?

rovertniloc, Oct 5, 3:51am
Do I have to slow cook them? Help would be appreciated.

davidt4, Oct 5, 4:25am
Long and slow is best, about three hours at a very gentle simmer will result in luscious skin and tender meat. I like to braise pork belly in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and other Chinese flavourings.

samanya, Oct 5, 5:19am
I agree, they are really just pork belly sliced . aren't they?

jesse83, Oct 5, 11:12am
i "pot roast" them in frypan - just a thin coating of oil in pan, over very low heat, with sliced onion, and potatoes, covered with lid, for about 45 mins.
You need to keep an eye on pan so they don't burn.
Might need to juggle your timing a bit as to what suits your cook top best.
Make a nice gravey with the juices too.
( i cook them about 20 mins each side, turn everything over half way through cook time.)

socram, Oct 7, 3:26am
Funny how times change. Mum used to do them in the oven, no spices or flavouring at all - in lard!

Very tender - and it made great pork dripping. In those days, like sausages, a cheap meat. I'm a huge fan of using celery salt as a rub on pork, or beef steak, and as in Mum's day, I'd be looking for a pork dripping afterwards.

deb8888, Oct 7, 11:21am
I put them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. hot oven. bake 180 . half an hour. they dont seem to shrink and the crumbs get all crunchy. with some gravy on top. yum. just a drizzle of oil on top and bottom before baking. a reasonable amount of fat comes out when cooking.

autumnwinds, Oct 7, 12:01pm
This, for me, too - or just dust in a plastic bag with some cornflour, salt and pepper, then lightly saute in a little 1/2 oil, 1/2 butter mix in electric frypan with a lid until lightly browned, then add sweet and sour sauce (your own made from scratch or the bottled type), and serve on rice.

Another way is to use the cornflour/salt/pepper mehoud, just colour in frypan, pop in crockpot. Lightly and quickly saute some peeled whole apple sliced rounds, add to crockpot with about 1/2 -3/4 cup apple cider, simmer on low for about an hour, then add a little cream mixed with a little arrowroot, stir until thickened - very quick Normany pork. nice with mashed potatoes, and a green vege such as asparagus or a mixed green salad.

oopie, Oct 7, 8:32pm
Roast in the oven with half a bottle of ginger ale poured over, turn a couple of times. They're ready when most of the liquid has evaporated but there's still a sticky gooey layer. Great for shoulder chops too.

twindizzy, Oct 7, 10:30pm
baste bottom of pork in plum sauce and cook on a bed of onions and stock

valentino, Oct 7, 11:57pm
This looks very good and may give it a try.



buzzy110, Oct 8, 12:04am
I'm going to do a version of this tomorrow with the addition of fresh ginger, garlic and bay leaves. It sounds awesome. I love adobo style recipes using apple cider vinegar.

buzzy110, Dec 17, 10:49am
I made this recipe with a slight variation but still keeping to the spirit of the recipe and oh my, it was delicious. Luckily the amount of slices I bought allowed me to have it again as leftovers the next night. It was a hit and received many positive comments from my DH. So thank you for the recipe. It has been stored in my favourites folder along with davidt4's butter chicken, adobo chicken and a few other very special recipes.

I hope you do not mind but I want to put the recipe into the low carb thread with credit going to you.

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