Lost my BRILLIANT recipe for carrot cake - it had

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Chef_autumnwinds, Jul 4, 1:56 am

pineapple, brown sugar and coconut in it

Chef_marie196, Jul 5, 5:44 pm

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 5, 11:03 pm

Chef_sue-ellen, Jul 5, 11:43 pm

Chef_sue-ellen, Jul 5, 11:49 pm

Has anyone ever tried the recipe for carrot cake that's in the book Moon over Martinborough. It always looked scrummy. Just googled it and the recipe is there.

Chef_hidecote01, Jul 6, 6:58 am

Thankyou sue ellen

Chef_marie196, Jul 6, 8:19 am

Yes hidecote01 I often use this recipe and its is yummy. I just love baking with NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Chef_gayle6, Jul 6, 10:33 am

Loved the book and the recipe always looked delicious. Good to know

Chef_hidecote01, Jul 6, 12:03 pm

Me too :-)

Chef_sue-ellen, Jul 6, 8:26 pm

Hi the book over the moon does it have any more recipes besides the carrot cake one?cheers

Chef_svx1, Jul 10, 9:55 am

Yes there were other recipes. Just can't remember what they were. It's a while since I read it. Great book. Just googled our local library and it's available.

Chef_hidecote01, Jul 10, 10:16 am

HIdecote thankyou I will et it from the library thankyou!

Chef_svx1, Jul 10, 11:52 am

Thoroughly enjoying your book and will be making Welsh cakes tomorrow, hubby will be very happy

Chef_griffo4, Jul 30, 3:04 pm