Bread cases

ruby2shoes, Aug 31, 6:00am
ok, going to make some of these so. cut crusts off bread, brush with olive oil, put that side down in muffin tray. Blind bake at what temp? Let them go cold and then put a filling in.
And therein lies another thing . what filling ingredients (no meat please), to make enough for about 20 ppl? White sauce type of filling or egg based?
TIA good people.

vashti, Aug 31, 6:07am
I used cooked diced kumara and grilled bacon cut small, sautéed Spring onions, than made white sauce with a bit of cheese added. Mixed it all together and filled previously made bread cases. I was very pleased the way they turned out.

lilyfield, Aug 31, 6:12am
Maccaroni cheese as filling, yum

In fact---any pie filling will work

fifie, Aug 31, 8:52am
I cut crusts off, roll lightly with rolling pin, Spread one side with margarine push buttered side into metal muffin tins, bake at 170c 10 - 15 mins. Cool put in container in pantry.
Fillings, make a pot of tasty thickish white sauce, with grated cheese, mustard, pinch curry powder, s/p then you can add whatever you like. Some ideas.
Seafood salmon,tuna,shrimp, etc.
Mushrooms, tinned can be used.
Creamed corn, bacon. Spring onions.
Chopped oysters.
Little bits of roastie veg.
Add a few chopped chives or parsley. Spoon filling into cases on a tray and heat through to get filling hot before serving.

ruby2shoes, Aug 31, 8:57am
thankies! I forgot to roll them with rolling pin, but think they worked out good. I made a white sauce with mustard, with broccolli and cheese for one and the other was egg mixture with corn. Couldn't add onion/chilli as some don't eat that, (so egg one is a bit bland), but am taking along a fresh chilli for them to cut up and put on!
If I put these in the fridge, can they be reheated tomorrow or are okay cold? No meat in any of them.

oooh the roast vegie one is a good idea.

lythande1, Aug 31, 7:09pm
I just put them in muffin trays as is, cook with filling in.

timturtle, Sep 1, 2:53am
I never use to blind bake either, as long as butter sided down the butter crusts them up

valentino, Sep 1, 3:01am
Are you allowed Fish, noted no meats but how about fish, smoked fish in a white sauce with parsley.

or Salmon in a nice sauce.

Zuchinni and egg is very nice too, just look for that zuchinni loaf recipe but use as a filling to the bread cases.

Actually any good vegetable recipes as such could be used.


chasing, Sep 1, 4:27am
Smoke fish in white sauce and cheese is very nice

daarhn, Sep 1, 5:02am
Quiche mix. put what ever you have in cases and simply add egg (cheese optional)

Red pepper pesto, red peppers, basil leaf

Caramelized pumpkin and blue cheese

Basil pesto, grilled capsicum and Parmesan cheese

Roasted potatoes, caper, feta and lemon zest

Mushroom, caramelized onions, thyme, (blue cheese)

Caramelized onions, feta

or a thickened curry mix

You'll want something that stores, transports and keeps well without going soggy. Egg base I find works well for large crowds rather than sauces which are ideal for smaller crowd unless you have cooking facility nearby.

ruby2shoes, Sep 1, 6:09am
I'm writing these ideas down, lol. I made some last night, very plain, but also to check if they will go soggy after a while. After extensive research (I scoffed them throughout the night!) I think they need to be taken straight out of the oven and served.
Personally, I find quiche/egg bread baskets only tastes nice immediately after being cooked. I'm going to try some of the above fillings with no egg or white sauce. just letting the veg and a slice of some sort of cheese do the talking!

ruby2shoes, Sep 1, 6:12am
those South Island cheese roll thingies - can they be cooked, then stored in fridge or are they to be eaten soon after? Do they get reheated?

daarhn, Sep 1, 6:18am
cooked and eaten instantly!

timturtle, Sep 1, 8:00am
+1 with butter spread on top ! They toast that quick anyway so no need to pre cook

camper18, Sep 1, 8:13am
To make the sauce versions more tasty I put a tsp of chicken stock in the melted butter when making the cheese sauce. My favourite filling is diced ham, chopped hard boiled eggs, spring onion, parsley mixed into the sauce. I only ever fill the cases just before heating and eating, that way it can all be made a day in advance.

autumnwinds, Sep 2, 2:43am
Just a point of difference: I note that most are using muffin tins as the baking "former" for the bread cases. These are great, but I know I find these personally a bit large for me at a party, and so I use a scone cutter to cut rounds of bread, roll them out, oil or butter them, then place in trays that are like miniature quiche trays. 12 to a tray. You can still find these in op shops, they're the size used by many for Christmas mince pies.

Used for bread cases, you need between 1-2 tablespoons of filling, and it's just 2 -3 bites for the eater to consume at a time. rather than trying to manage a muffin-sized case full of hot filling.

nauru, Dec 30, 2:46pm
I use my mince pie/tart trays too

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