'Allergy free' Chocolate cake

bella95, Jul 20, 2:47am
Hankering for cake l discovered l had no eggs so made this. It was really nice so, thought l'd share it. Also happens to be dairy free and flour can be substituded for GF free mix.
Batter is VERY runny but must be ok because it was lovely.
I used coffee as my liquid and reduced the sugar to 1 cup also cooked mine in a ring tin in the induction cooker for 35 mins.

waswoods, Jul 22, 3:48am
That recipe has been around for many years. Also known as "Depression Cake" as it has no butter and eggs in it

buzzy110, Jul 24, 11:11am
Thank you for bringing it to our notices. I'm sure there are others who will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I'm not sure, that with EV olive oil and balsamic vinegar that it fits the title of "Depression Cake", but maybe it is similar.

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