So my trusty crockpot have broken and I’m in the market for a new one. I’ve been looking at the new range of multi cooker. Theres Breville, Philips, and crock Pot. does anyone have any recommendations?

Chef_tonsta2, Jul 19, 1:23 pm

Breville fan here. Get the oval shape not the round one. Small roasts, etc, fit better in oval.

Chef_wasgonna, Jul 19, 2:13 pm

with most multi cookers the slow cook function is not as slow as it could be. Food tends to cook quite quickly.
other than that I would highly recommend a multi cooker. I use mine frequently.

Chef_geldof, Jul 19, 3:18 pm

Just purchased an oval Russell Hobbs one on special for $39. Still got my old Goldaire one too but it has a small crack and one of these days it will probably break. Both are 3.5 litres. I did wonder about a bigger one but I would struggle to lift it when full plus they are so much bigger and I don't have that much storage space. Don't purchase the fast/slow multicookers too many problems with them.

Chef_strathview, Jul 19, 6:27 pm

Have you used it yet, strathview? I'd be interested to hear your comments because I recently purchased the same slow cooker and find the temperatures are much lower than the recipes allow for. I mean when the recipe says 8 hours on low I'd need to do it on high to get the meat cooked in 8 hours.

Chef_veejay13, Jul 19, 6:40 pm

Crockpot went kaput and i got a sunbeam aviva multicooker, i love it, the slow cook is great. and all the other functions . the sunbeam crockpot was great but i got a new russell hobbs and it cooked too hot, then the bowl cracked.

Chef_kindajojo, Jul 19, 6:44 pm

I have a Breville which would now be about 14/15 years old and I love it. Won a Russell Hobbs one as a prize at the local shops, used it once and hate it. It doesn't cook very well and takes ages. Give me Breville every time.

Chef_janbodean, Jul 19, 6:49 pm

I have two ceramic bowls for the sunbeam round one if anyone wants them the cooker is kaput but the bowls are ok gass lid has a chip out of it ,
Temuka pottery used to make the bowls.

Chef_kindajojo, Jul 20, 4:20 am

Only purchased last weekend so will give it a go this weekend and let you know the outcome. I did wonder about the Russell Hobbs as a brand. Will put a mutton leg in it and see how it cooks.

Chef_strathview, Jul 25, 6:56 am

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