Elderberry Wine

rainrain1, Dec 3, 10:59pm
does anyone have a tried and true recipe, there are masses of flowers on the trees this Summer, I would hate to waste a good thing.

holly-rocks, Dec 3, 11:45pm
I'll try to find my recipes i used to use, I made some good ones in the past and some pretty terrible ones!
Just checking, do you mean Elderflower wine or Elderberry wine (the reason i ask is you mention flowers in your description and berrys in your title. Elder flowers are in season now and the berrys are in the Autumn)

lythande1, Dec 4, 2:06am

samanya, Dec 4, 5:12am
At least you don't have to worry about this bountiful weed . it doesn't grow in your region.
Like you, holly-rocks, I've made elder flower 'champagne' & some very lovely elderberry wine (& some not so lovely stuff).
I cant remember the recipe I used for either, but when rainrain let's us know which she would like to try, I'll try to find my recipes.

rainrain1, Dec 4, 5:52am
Hundreds of trees about everywhere I go

rainrain1, Dec 4, 5:53am
Waiting on the berries

harrislucinda, Dec 4, 8:06am
not wine but just made and finished elderberry champagne lovely

harrislucinda, Dec 4, 8:08am
berries ready just after xmas not autumn

hidecote01, Dec 4, 8:50am
If the birds don't get them first and poo all over your clothesline. My neighbours all around me grow the darn things. Bane of my life.

rainrain1, Dec 4, 8:10pm
Yes, I am aware of that thanks. do you have the champers recipe?

holly-rocks, Dec 4, 10:17pm
Here is my recipe, its from the John Seymour self sufficiency book. Ive made this with elderberrys and also with a mix of other berrys, whatever was ready in the garden at the time. Beautiful colour wine too. It glows in the sun :)

Also have an elderflower champagne recipe but its non alcoholic. Its just a nice fizzy summer drink. if you want it let me know.

No time to type it out sorry.

rainrain1, Dec 5, 12:27am
Thankyou. think I might have a crack at that recipe, here's hoping!

autumnwinds, Dec 5, 1:14am
Oh, the memories of flagons of elderflower and elderberry wines, bubbling on the kitchen bartop in Invercargill!

I found a wee seedling the year before last, and thought it was an elderberry - rather a strange thing to find in Tauranga, so I nurtured it in a pot, transferred it to a lager pot last year, and this year it flowered, with a couple of gorgeous, slightly lemon-scented flowers.

It must have been a "present" dropped by a bird (as my wisteria was), and I have only seen one plant before in Tauranga, 2 suburbs over, and that has gone now. I'll make sure mine doesn't seed, but I'm delighted to have something "southern" growing in my garden, amongst all the other scented goodies.

Sorry, no recipes (I sold those books long ago), but thanks to OP for the thread, and the memories of beautifully rich red wine.

samanya, Dec 5, 1:54am
I carefully transplanted a couple of elder trees from ChCh to the Nelson region & they just didn't like the climate at all & I remember reading somewhere that they don't grow well north of about the Kaikoura region. so treasure yours AW.

harrislucinda, Dec 5, 9:00am

arcane1315, Dec 6, 3:58am
Yum thanks for the recipes for the champagne & wine. We have just finished our 2nd bottle of cordial, so going out again tomorrow and hopefully there are flowers still left on the trees :)

harrislucinda, Dec 6, 4:34am
Down here just the odd one left as turning into berries now

rainrain1, Dec 6, 5:03am
Beaut flowers on this one, hoping there are heaps of berries to follow

macandrosie, Dec 6, 8:08am
I make elderflower cordial at this time of year - well late November this year. It has a slightly lemony taste. Very refreshing on a hot day over ice & water.

badams1, Dec 7, 6:59am
can some one put up a recipe for the cordial please thanks in advance

harrislucinda, Dec 7, 10:02am
old recipe 4 1/2 lbs sugar 1 oz citric acid 2oz tartaric acid
10 breakfast cups boiling water slices and rind and juice of 6 lemons
pour boiling water over all ingreds
cool and bottle use in water or soda water

badams1, Dec 7, 5:25pm
elderflowers in the recipe bobcat. just wondering.

holly-rocks, Nov 26, 6:49am

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