My kenwoods gone up in smoke

beechee51, Jan 1, 3:00am
My one was still going just was an awful lot of smoke coming out off it, tempted to try it but don’t trust it now.

paora-tm, Jan 8, 5:33am
Oh heck, I have one which I've been meaning to take in to get serviced. $300 . really! Not so sure I'm so keen anymore.

beechee51, Dec 24, 6:31am
Just almost finished making a pavlova and I noticed my big Kenwood chef mixer had smoke pouring out of it.
II is over thirty years old and has done well which leads me to the question which is the best Kenwood to try to get in the Boxing Day sales?
The pavlova, not mixed as long as I usually do it iis currently in the oven, so fingers crossed.

pickles7, Dec 24, 8:52am
Sounds like my Kenwood Major, it did the same. I intended to get it reconditioned. But as I still have a Kenwood chef I keep putting it off. I don't bake like I used to now so it is no longer a priority.

circular4, Dec 24, 8:55am
My Kenwood did that but all fixed and ok so long as pav is beating on a higher speed, as beating is for 15mins.

glasshalfull, Dec 24, 9:17am
My Kenwoods done that a few times, we've turned it off thinking it's died waited till it's cooled down and away she goes again. LOL

macman26, Dec 24, 9:44am
Should get it serviced. Or if handy do it yourself. Pull apart. Check and replace bearings as required. Check brushes and clean out and replace the old grease. Probably go for years more the older ones., Dec 24, 6:41pm
The pavlova should be fine. Mine died last year after 30 odd years too, I got a red Kenwood KMix, which is excellent for general stuff.

If you do get one, be sure to order the flexibeater as well once you recover from the outlay, it's Kenwood Part Number AWAX500001 for the KMix 50 series, from your local Kenwood service agent. Contact them via website for name of agent and to confirm part number for whichever model you buy. No more bowl scraping!

jh34, Dec 24, 10:48pm
Are it's feet perished? If it is sitting flat it wont get air circulating . It so glue washers to the bottom.

jh34, Dec 24, 10:49pm
Actually I was thinking of a kenwood food processor.

pickles7, Dec 25, 12:26am
I have to say I did go looking on you tube to fix mine, It looks basic, so long as you video tape what you are doing I may yet be brave and have a go. We were told by a small motor repairman that they are idiot proof, but he has retired and his son said no more work for him. Broken its worthless, I cannot make it any more worthless ah.
I do think they are very strong and worth fixing. The best salad slicer/grater attachment and mincer ever.

nauru, Dec 26, 1:57am
The older Kenwood models are far superior to the newer ones and well worth having it fixed if possible. My Kenwood, originally my MIL's is over 50 years old and still going well. Yes, as above a great mincer attachment.

camper18, Dec 26, 2:36am
My 55yr old Kenwood stopped abruptly mid Xmas cake mix. Took it to old repair man who fixed a burnt out cord. Made all the pavs and Xmas baking just like a new one after that. Will probably outlive me now.

pickles7, Dec 26, 7:25am
Gee, its ok for a small motor repairman to say fixing a Kenwood is idiot proof, on taking another look in you tube, I will get it serviced if I decide to use it again.

beechee51, Dec 27, 12:03am
After noticing that the white plastic was all discoloured where the smoke was coming out went into Farmers Boxing Day sale and got 50 % off a 1000 Watt 4 1/2 litre one with a stainless steel bowl, The Christmas pav turned out fine

pickles7, Dec 30, 11:44pm
Well done.
My Kenwood Major is gong Yaaaa. I took the bottom off the motor checked all the electrics tightened up cleaned etc. plugged it in and away she went, no signs of smoke so I may be lucky. Husband is going to use it today fingers crossed, it will handle the load. He did say it is a bit noisy needs the bearing's doing.

slimgym, Jan 15, 3:57pm
my one broke a couple of months ago rang the repairman yes bring it in, he was very positive about fixing it, took it in they just about laughed me out of the shop, they did fix it, cost over $300 and no guarantee mmm.

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