UK masterchef

lil_angel_kel, Oct 12, 9:11pm
Does anyone watch this?
They are up to the quarter finals and looking at what they put up compared to the aussie one they are world's apart (imo).
What are your thoughts? :)

kaddiew, Oct 12, 9:48pm
Oh I wish! Have pestered the Freeview channels to bring it back but they're not going to. I miss UK Masterchef.

rainrain1, Oct 13, 2:58am
about as boring as it gets

pgta, Oct 13, 5:45am
I like it because it is actually about the food rather than the personalities and drama

kaddiew, Dec 16, 5:08pm
Spot on. I don't find the lack amateur dramatics, loud ghastly music, smarmy often biased judges, savoury ice cream, and fennel done 65 ways, boring at all

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