Dolce Gusto reuseable pods?

paora-tm, Aug 3, 5:01am
As seen on aliexpress. There are two types - some for a couple of dollars each and others a little more expensive. Have you tried them? Are they any good?

rainrain1, Aug 3, 5:42am
Do they grow under the sea?

paora-tm, Aug 3, 5:56am
Odd question. Why would you ask that?

buzzy110, Aug 3, 6:10am
Isn't great? Perplexing people is a rare and entertaining skill.

rainrain1, Aug 3, 6:33am
You would be the most perplexing person on the whole of the message board. I seem to annoy you. good!

rainrain1, Aug 3, 6:34am
I don't know what they are . sorry !
And it was a bit of tongue in cheek.
I have since googled :-)

paora-tm, Aug 3, 6:59am
I didn't even mind. Just joining the fun. lol

PS. For the uninformed - Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines are coffee makers which use prefilled disposable pods. The machines should be given away - Nescafe make a killing by selling the pods. They're a bit like printers where we get stung with cartridge prices. :)

sunnyflower, Aug 3, 9:10pm
hep I have some they are good never had a problem they are the red ones

buzzy110, Aug 3, 9:51pm
Now you are just reverting to ordinary. You never annoy me. I find you very entertaining when not being ordinary. However, your reactions to me are always unpleasant. Maybe I annoy you.

rainrain1, Aug 4, 3:33am
No, I think you're probably luffly, but it's hard to tell on the message board.

gayle6, Aug 4, 10:45pm
Don't know about reusable but they can be recycled.I agree about the printer/cartridge analogy! I buy most pods from the supermarket at a little under $10 per packet and the Cortado (which are not sold in NZ) from They sell boxes of DG compatible capsules at $56.65 for 96 capsules, including delivery from Australia.

paora-tm, Aug 5, 5:40am
Thanks for that - I think. Personally I'm stuck with buying genuine capsules as I like Mocha, Cafe Au Lait and Latte Macchioto . and occasionally Chocoletto. Someone else however likes Americano, Americano Intenso and Expresso Intenso. Which of these compatibles would match those?

tepaku, Aug 5, 10:12pm

gayle6, Aug 6, 12:18am
Sorry I only buy the Cortado so can't help with the Americano/Expresso question.

crazynana, Aug 6, 3:10am
. E. S. P. R. E. S. S. O

paora-tm, Jan 10, 10:57pm
Just realised they're not much cheaper anyway. Was probably thinking about the price of the ones which require two pods for a cup.

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