Shoulder pork help

si50, Oct 5, 12:17am
I'm looking at this recipe which needs shoulder pork cut into small pieces.
So do I just cut up a shoulder roast? Can't find any other 'shoulder pork' in the supermarket.

kirmag, Oct 5, 12:32am
If it was me, I would just used the diced pork available at the supermarket. I wouldn't waste a pork roast for a casseroley type dish. But that's just me.

valentino, Oct 5, 2:00am
She would had noted Shoulder pork for a reason, I would stay with it.


lythande1, Oct 5, 2:15am
Hell I wouldn't. I'd buy "hangi pork" and use that. Far cheaper, why waste a decent roast?

morticia, Oct 5, 2:28am
I buy one large pork roast when on special, cut a small roast off it to suit three, cut some pork steaks off and dice the rest for stirfry. It's just pork, especially the shoulder, nothing special about it.

punkinthefirst, Oct 5, 12:59pm
You know what? If it were me, I'd use that recipe, but keep the shoulder whole, in a piece, and cook it in a casserole for a bit longer. The reason she probably specified shoulder is that it has more fat on it than most other pork cuts, and will be unctuous and not "dry" tasting.

sooseque, Dec 19, 12:57pm
I buy small pork shoulder roasts and dice them up for pork & beans, pork & kumara curry etc. shoulders have more fat so stay moist as stated in above post, they usually cost $10 - $15 on special for 1 to 1.5kg

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