What to use instead of egg to bind crumbs to meat

awoftam, Jul 13, 8:33am
I have flour. I have crumbs. I have no eggs.

awoftam, Jul 13, 8:52am
Stand down everyone - no need to panic. All sorted. And very yummy.

bella95, Jul 14, 5:09am
For the future you can use milk and l believe the original southern fried chicken uses buttermilk.

paora-tm, Jul 14, 8:11am
Wanna share your secret?

beaker59, Jul 14, 8:27am
breabcrumbs works, milk doesn't though would make moister.

I am lead to believe it is not Kosher to mix milk and meat, probably rules out cheese burgers EH!

bella95, Jul 14, 8:48am
Flour, milk, breadcrumbs. Works. Not sure what you've tried to have a fail.
Meat and milk, definitely not Kosher. Quote; This prohibition is derived from the verse, "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk."
Don't know the rules for meat and eggs.

autumnwinds, Jul 14, 11:06am
You can also use Aquafaba - the liquid that comes in cans of chickpeas (or you can make yourself, as I do, by boiling and later freezing raw garbanzo beans/chickpeas). . It's an admirable substitute for egg white, and great for those with an egg allergy.

Failing that, I use a mix of buttermilk and breadcrumbs - they also extend the meat, and make the mix a little more moist.

korbo, Jul 14, 10:37pm
I have used plain yoghurt before. turned out ok

crails, Jul 15, 11:14am
Natural yoghurt is a geat alternative

awoftam, Jul 18, 10:02am
I actually had thick cuts of pork sirloin. I dipped in water then coated in almond meal, sesame seeds, sage, salt and pepper. Pan fried in butter and coconut oil till crispy so reasonably hot. The rested for 5 mins on a rack. Was very nice.

cameron-albany, Jul 24, 11:16am
you can also do the flax-egg thing. It's just flax seed ground up mixed with a little water, and it provides the same binding effect as an egg does. Can also do the same with chia seed. Both seeds are very gluey and act the same way as an egg. I know this because I'm doing a week-long vegan challenge and I just made some LOVELY burger bean-patties using a flax egg. They turned out absolutely delicious.

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