Pumpkin help.

aglarana, Feb 19, 3:52am
I harvested a pumpkin before it was ready. Outside looked good and it's huge. Cut it open and the flesh is yellow-pale green.
I've been dyng for homemade pumkin soup and wanted to know if it is ok to use, or should I biff it?

buzzy110, Feb 19, 4:10am
Can you taste it? Is it sweet on the tongue - not chalky?

aglarana, Feb 19, 4:11am
Sweet, and a very minimal chalkiness.

buzzy110, Feb 19, 4:31am
Next thing is to cut a small piece off and cook it and taste it. If it meets with your approval then go for it. It doesn't take much to cook a small piece of pumpkin.

aglarana, Oct 22, 7:12pm
Delicious! And so easy to cut and peel.
Thanks buzzy.

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