Canape Recipes

gillian111, Nov 21, 12:32am
Would like ideas for making anapes, i.e. ideas for topings.

valentino, Dec 2, 7:12am
Toppings, Hmmm, I usually prefer them to do their own toppings but to have a platter of various treats ready to go or choose from.
Far easier and more entertaining, saves a lot of time, thinking, concerns etc especially when catering for quite a few.

The toppings would include cold special meats, cold smoked fish including salmon and smoked sprats, various marinated roasted or pickle veges, and assortment of cheeses, even some special dips or a spread o a thick sauce/dressing/mayo sort of thing and so on.

The bases used likewise can be a variety.

It all just adds to watching others make fools of themselves but in a nice light hearted manner.

Just my thoughts, Cheers.

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