Fresh Lemons

moose4me, Jan 11, 6:07am
Anyone with a loaded lemon tree in their back yard and would to sell some -love to hear from you. Spray free / Organic (In the Canterbury region please) THANKS

samanya, Jan 11, 6:12am
How many do you want?

moose4me, Jan 11, 9:28pm
In reality I need 4 lemons a week, so if they keep well I could buy a couple of weeks supply at a time ?

samanya, Jan 11, 9:35pm
I don't think I could manage that plus I'm out of town . but will bump this & hopefully some one will be able to help you out.
There must be heaps of tree out there with fruit going to waste.
I wonder if a notice in your newspaper would get you an ongoing supply?
PS . you could ask in the ChCh recovery forum too?

valentino, Nov 5, 10:04am
Shop around, Door Knocking or Scrounge ( hmmm thinking tree hunting etc without saying too much).

Take you pick.


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