Edmonds breadmaker yeast

thitryfiver, Jul 20, 11:40pm
Wondering if Edmonds breadmaker yeast would still act after best before date.

cgvl, Jul 20, 11:51pm
put 1tsp yeast into a glass of warm water and add 1tsp sugar and it should go frothy after a few minutes. If it doesn't froth then throw it out as it won't work.

lythande1, Jul 21, 1:54am
Best Before is NOT Use By.

nauru, Jul 21, 6:17am
I keep mine in the freezer have have used it past the date on the pack and it's still OK.

samanya, Jul 21, 6:35am
I keep mine in the fridge & have used it past it's expiry date & it's been fine.
cgvl has a good suggestion, that would be a good guidline.

thitryfiver, Jul 22, 1:03am
Yes, I am aware of that, but yeast is bit different to other food, could be iffy, I don’t think it could have a Use By date ? As depends on storage .
I have not bought this yeast yet, even though price is only 99 c a large jar, in discount shop, have not used yeast past best before date .before.
And make all our bread. Might be worth trying.

Thanks for all replies.

nauru, Jul 22, 2:20am
I have never had a problem but agree with cgvl.

nauru, Jul 22, 2:55am
The one I'm using at present was bought from a discount shop and it's still OK, tested it before using the same way cgvl suggests above. But as I said above I have always kept my yeast in the freezer which I finds works for me.

harrislucinda, Jul 24, 9:38am
i have mine in the fridge and only buy more when run out never checked dates

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