Red wine still good to drink?

speedfreak43, May 17, 4:21am
Was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and found a bottle of red wine
It is labelled Chateau Cap-Blanc Grand Vin De Bordeaux 2005
It is unopened and was stored upright for sometime and for the last quite a few years on it side.
Never been a wine drinker (that aint Jim Beam) and just wondering if its still good to drink

lilyfield, May 17, 4:29am
Sure, or use it for cooking if you do not like it

samanya, May 17, 4:38am
Some wines 'cellar' better than others . I'd whack the top of & try it & if you think it's OK, either drink the rest or use it in a casserole or similar.

speedfreak43, Sep 21, 10:40am
Thanks for your advice. Was just going to bin it but will open at some point and see how we go :-)

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