Potatoes.but not as you know them!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jul 11, 9:22 am

Yuk, lemon in potatoes.
I'll stick with mash, baked and chips.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 11, 11:48 am

Sounds delish,

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 11, 11:51 am


Chef_strowan1, Jul 11, 1:02 pm

Go on, be 'daring' . you might like it.
I like lemon juice on chips, it's great.

Chef_samanya, Jul 11, 1:31 pm

Well, it's certainly a dish I'm going to try, it sounds yummy.

Chef_westward1, Jul 11, 2:05 pm

My fav's in that order. Lately I have been doing shoestring fries - quick, great with baked fish, and I don't feel at all guilty.

Chef_cosimo, Jul 11, 2:05 pm

I will try this today as have some lemons that need using. but the photograph is not very inspiring so mine will definitely look better :)

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 11, 2:15 pm

still trying to sell some have them in bags $5 for 5 kg

Chef_harrislucinda, Jul 11, 2:24 pm

Don't knock it too soon lythande.
I can't stand lemon on fish, schnitzel, etc but had these at a friend's house and they are fantastic.

Chef_bella95, Jul 12, 1:59 am

I can't live without lemons(or parsley) . I love them on almost anything. they freshen up quite a few dishes, I reckon & with this dish, it would give boring old potatoes a bit of a lift . ya never know how good something can be without trying it . live dangerously & add a bit of lemon to your spuds (& garlic, & parsley & horseradish & anything else you fancy) even if it's only once . that's how recipes evolve

Chef_samanya, Jul 12, 5:39 pm

Me too samanya, lemons and parsley always on hand, also spring onion, horseradish cream, grain mustard,

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 12, 5:53 pm

Oh yes!
& eggs?
A meal there?

Chef_samanya, Jul 12, 8:02 pm

I remember that lovely duo that were the ‘Two Fat Ladies’ when the dark haired one said in her very plummy voice ‘there is very little that a squeeze of lemon doesn’t enhance’. And she was so right. Lemon, zest or juice adds a special magic to almost every dish.

Chef_strowan1, Jul 12, 8:34 pm

Reporting back. made them yesterday and they were delicious. used Agria potatoes and chicken stock rather than vegetable stock and they came out delicious with a good hint of lemon . would make them again (and they looked way better than that published picture)

Chef_karlymouse, Jul 12, 9:41 pm

I do love lemons and use them quite a lot it's just squirting lemon juice over something that should be crunchy that l don't like. The potatoes work for me cos they taste lovely and lemony but are still crispy.

Chef_bella95, Aug 1, 2:07 pm