Pepper steak recipe and or chilli mince recipe to

carol113, Jun 20, 8:02pm
Morning all.I want to make some homemade savouries to stock up my freezer and I am after some good recipes for the above or other ideas.Much appreciated

petal1955, Jun 20, 9:31pm
When you say pepper you mean peppercorns or Jalapeno peppers

carol113, Jun 20, 10:44pm
Sorry. Meant peppercorns

twindizzy, Jun 21, 2:38am
Old fashioned savoury mince + add some heat :)

sarahb5, Jun 21, 7:46pm
MInce, Mexican tomatoes and chilli beans - easy stand by dinner

carol113, Aug 20, 2:05am
thanks for all the ideas.

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