Cake Help Please

deejayrobbied, Mar 19, 9:46pm
I really tried making a cake for my daughters birthday but epic fail in the layers of a rainbow cake. I have no problem decorating but making the cake is not working. Does anyone have any tips or know anywhere in CHCH where I could get a cake made or broughts at the last minute. Need it for Friday :) thanks

hidecote01, Mar 19, 9:58pm
Do Kidds on Cranford St still have cakes? Maybe try there.

245sam, Oct 13, 5:20pm
deejayrobbied, as hidecote01 has suggested try Kidds Cakes ( ) or alternatively try Divine Cakes ( ) - a couple of suggestions however I'm sure there are more options, and possibly an option closer to wherever you are in Chch.

Hope that helps. :-))

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