Sour Dough Bread

clair4, Oct 16, 9:46pm
I would like to make this bread, /can someone tell me how to go about making it and the full instructions. Many thanks.
I believe you need a starter made with yeast.

buzzy110, Oct 16, 9:57pm
I have been making sourdough for a while now. I started out using the instructions on this link:

Then I got better at it. Basically the instructions and recipe in the link are suitable for a learner.

I am assuming you will be making your bread by hand rather than in a breadmaker because you didn't mention a breadmaker. If I am wrong then ignore this post.

clair4, Oct 17, 2:19am
Yes by hand. I ave given my breadmaker to my daughter and she also wants to make the sour dough.
Man thanks, I will look up the site ou gave me.

clair4, Oct 17, 3:33am
buzzy11p. What a great article. So looking forward to starting and will pass the information on to my daughter who will also make it by hand,
Once again many thanks.

buzzy110, Oct 17, 6:54am
If you need advice I am always here. Getting the starter going seems to be most people's biggest stumbling blocks, followed by how to look after it. I could never understand the issues.

For 'warm' water, boil fresh cold water and then tip it into a clean jar or jug with a lid and let it cool down. Ensure it is no hotter than 33C. It is not hard to use a thermometer which most people seem to resist buying for some reason. Thermometers are great and no trouble to use at all.

If you live in Auckland I could possibly give you a starter.

catsmeat1, Oct 19, 7:26pm
If you can get someone to give you some mature starter it definitely helps. I tried to make mine from scratch and had problems with a "false start" lots of bubbles about day 2, then nothing. I then made a starter using pineapple juice (google it) and it has been great, it did take a few weeks to be robust enough for bread - hence my comment better to get a mature starter. I did not have a good oven for years so have used the sourdough for lots of things, pikelets are so fluffy, flatbreads cooked in frypan, etc. Try "The Fresh Loaf" for insipiration.

lenart, Dec 10, 1:15pm
I never use boiled water for my starter. For feeding/building the starter from the fridge I warm up water to 55°C and for the second and third feed to 45°C. I feed/build the starter for premix every 3.5-4.5 hours at 35°C. After that the starter can be used within 24 hours if stored in the fridge.
After mixing the combined temperature is around 35°C.

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