The best way of keeping a cake fresh?

venna2, Apr 9, 1:05am
I'm hosting a meeting at my place tomorrow and another one on Friday. I've just made a quince cake and a quince/feijoa loaf (as I've had both quinces and feijoas on hand), and also want to make a feijoa orange cake (gluten free) for tomorrow.

Should I wait until tomorrow morning before making the feijoa orange cake? If I make it this afternoon, how can I best keep it fresh and tasty until tomorrow afternoon (that includes the quince cake and loaf made today)? I imagine the fridge would make them a bit dry? Wrap them in towels? Or is there some other way? Many thanks!

lilyfield, Apr 9, 1:09am
In a tin with a slice of apple in it, in the fridge

valentino, Apr 9, 1:32am
Yep, in the fridge but take it out an hour plus at least beforehand to be of natural temperature, it brings it back to normal.


venna2, Apr 9, 3:14am
Thanks folks.

duckmoon, Apr 9, 3:23am
I wouldn't put in the fridge.

If you are aiming to bake and then eat one of them on Friday, I would bake and then freeze.
Then defrost.

figjam000, Apr 9, 10:48pm
Mine don't last long enough to go stale - try a different recipe.

venna2, Oct 5, 10:02pm
I'd do that . but I'd have to somehow find some more quinces as the first cake used them all. As I do want to make a quince cake as the person who gave me the quinces will be here.

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