Mustard Pickles

majoba, Feb 21, 3:26am
I have everything I need to make mustard pickle except today I find there are no cauliflower available at the moment. I could just leave it out but I really like it in pickle. I wondered if anybody had substituted broccoli for cauliflower in pickles.

rainrain1, Feb 21, 3:39am
I imagine it would be all good to do that.

nauru, Feb 21, 7:21am
Just leave it out, don't think brocolli would work too well

suzanna, Oct 19, 5:05pm
I have used broccoli in mustard pickles for years delicious. Pathetically small cauliflowers in the supermarket today were $7.20. who buys them at that? I'm grateful for our huge vegetable garden and it's bounty.

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