Curry ,rice, and beef,or chicken, or pork rolls.

darkestangel1, Jan 3, 12:53pm
hello can anyone help pls?

slimgym, Jan 3, 6:15pm
Hi are you thinking of samosas, nice ones at the souvlaki shop in sockburn,

sorry just realized you don't live in Christchurch, pak and save sometimes have them

chrisbarton, Jan 3, 11:34pm
I love them too and can't find them at local takeaways so I make my own big batch of mince, froxen vege cooked in curry powder with cooked rice added then rolled up in spring roll wrappers and baked rather than fried (just use oil spray). Can freeze them too. A large pan of mix will make about 30.

effcee1, Jan 7, 9:31pm
can anyone tell me where you can buy the old fashioned curry rolls the only ones i can see or even get at the fish and chip shops are curried spring rolls, not the ones that have rice and meat in them, ?

bisloy, Nov 8, 3:11am
Ask your local takeaway.
I know Gilmours/Toops sell them, but the NP branch has closed.

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