1682163646 I bought these thinking they were in a

roll, but when they arrived they weren't, the thing that upset me the most was I had emailed and asked how much would the postage be on two rolls and they didn't tell me then that they were not rolls. Don't like to give a red but I was pretty annoyed. when you look would you assume they were in a roll?

Chef_slimgym, Jul 3, 6:00 am

Not from picture, seems clear to me that only one bag is shown rolled, 100 would be a big diameter roll.

Chef_gpg58, Jul 3, 7:27 am

i disagree, the image at the top of the photo looks like the roll of bags.
If you are t happy, email first she see what they say before giving feedback

Chef_duckmoon, Jul 3, 7:37 am

Probably, but then not asking would preclude me from giving a red face.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 3, 8:02 am

Just wondering what difference it makes if the bags are in a roll or not? If you received the goods you paid for and they do the job you want them for then I don't see how you can justify a red or blue fed back.

Chef_jonnythecat, Jul 3, 8:26 am

I would have thought from the pics that they were in a roll,,,front and back view

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 3, 9:35 am

to me, looks like the auction was for a roll of 100 bags. If they didn't arrive that way. just roll them into a roll yourself.

Chef_wheelz, Jul 3, 9:56 am

I would expect a roll also. have you emailed and asked them? Maybe they might reimburse you some of the cost for misrepresenting the item?

Chef_jan2242, Jul 3, 10:19 am

The bags are 12 inches long, so from picture it can be assumed the roll shown is approx 1.2 inches diameter.
Do you really think a 1.2 inch roll could hold 100 of them? (ie 100 x 12 =1200 inches = 30.5 m) It is likely the tube they would need to be rolled on would be near that diameter on its own.

So Definitely not to me anyway.

Chef_gpg58, Jul 3, 2:13 pm

Image shows a roll so i would expect the bags to be on one but it looks like a basic stock image from the net. For an auction that probably cost less than 10 bucks total i wouldn't stress about it.

Chef_holly-rocks, Jul 3, 3:18 pm

I don't imagine a roll of 100 plastic bags could be shipped for the prices shown. And I agree with jonnythe cat - if you got 100 piping bags, what is the problem? If you can't give a yellow for receiving the goods as described, then don't give any feedback at all. Neither blue nor red is justified.

Chef_cosimo, Jul 3, 3:25 pm

Looks like a roll to me. I think it is impractical to roll 100 of them together as they would be rolled so that you could take just one off at a time, rather than unrolling the whole lot and removing one and rolling back up. If they aren't rolled you could resort to putting them into an appropriate sized Tupperware or other, plastic container.

If you e-mailed asking about rolls I'd put an unhappy face on the site and explain why.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 3, 4:57 pm

No they are not in a roll, they have arrived in a bag, which is annoying because with the roll you could just tear off the one you want when you want it, but because they are in a bag I have to be careful where I open the bag other wise I will have bags all over the place

Chef_slimgym, Aug 9, 11:13 pm

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