Pumpkin cake or just pumpkin recipes

joanne38, Aug 16, 2:19pm
My pumpkins arnt keeping so good and i dont have a big freezer. over pumpkin soup :) maybe a slow cooker cake recipe? easy and pretty basic, have no cooking skills and a really small budget. please.

valentino, Aug 16, 7:43pm
From the Old TMC is this beauty.

Pam's Pumpkin Loaves
3 cups sugar;1 cup sunflower oil;4 eggs,lightly beaten;500g cooked,mashed pumpkin;3 1/2 cups plain flour;2tsp baking soda;1 tsp salt;1 tsp baking powder;1 tsp (not level) of nutmeg,allspice,cinnamon and ground cloves;2/3 cup of water. Cream sugar and oil, add eggs,mix well. Sift dry ingredients and add alternatively with water. Grease & flour TWO med loaf tins.Fill tins and bake at 170c for 1 1/2 hours. Test with skewer. Stand to cool 10 mins before turning out. Serve sliced with or without butter. Freeze and keep beautifully. posted by cookessentials

rainrain1, Aug 16, 8:30pm
I am so over pumpkin and have 1+1/2 king size grey skinned beauties to use up, hubby brings them home from up Central. wish he wouldn't buy so many. Will roast some tonight, but after that the rot might set in

rainrain1, Aug 16, 8:32pm
This would be nice with sultanas in the mixture

buzzy110, Aug 16, 10:39pm

STREAKY BACON or PANCETTA. - Cut into smaller chunks. Optional
PUMPKIN - 3 Cups (approx) peeled and diced
FRESH SAGE - Handful - Optional but highly recommended
RED CAPSICUM OR Mild CHILLI - deseeded and finely chopped
BABY SPINACH - ½ pkt or more if you like
OIL/ FAT/GHEE - You choose your cooking medium
2 Tb WATER or STOCK - Once again you choose. I prefer the stock/bone broth
SALT & PEPPER to taste
EGGS - 6 (makes 4) or more - depends how many you are making
CHEDDAR - 1 cup or more - Amount depends on how many - Grated
SLICED HAM - I use whole slices of ham off the bone. I have to pick each slice out and ensure the girl in the Deli chooses only those pieces
TOMATO - Sliced finely
Extra CHEESE - For topping

Onion - Finely sliced
Baby Leek - Chunky sliced, White part only
Instead of Baby Spinach you can use
Spinach - Normal size. Sliced or
Watercress - Use leaves and tender stalks. Discard tough thick stalks. Chop

Some individual pie dishes are best but a Texas muffin tray or a normal size pie dish/baking tin (to make a whole pie) will do at a pinch
A large non-stick frying pan
A sheet of cooking paper cut to size for the frying pan or a lid

1. Turn oven to 160D
2. If using WATERCRESS strip leaves and tender stalks away from the tougher stems and slice. Use quite a lot because it reduces when cooked. Same with Spinach. Baby Spinach - use as is.
3. Heat OIL/FAT/GHEE in frying pan abd turn to a medium heat
4. Add cut up BACON/PANCETTA, if using, and fry for a minute or so
5. Add diced PUMPKIN and Sage and sauté for a minute or two
6. Add finely sliced CAPSICUM/PEPPER/CHILLI and (sliced BABY LEEK and sliced ONION), if using, and continue sautéing
7. Add BABY SPINACH /SPINACH/WATERCRESS - continue to sauté till it is wilted down
8. Season to taste
9. Add WATER or STOCK to the pan, stir to spread around and then cover with the paper lid (tucked in neatly) or pan lid and cook till pumpkin is tender. About 1-2 minutes. The stock or water will have evaporated, mostly.
10. Take off the heat, using you slice, scrap it all so that everything is free from the pan and put aside.
11. Break the EGGS into a bowl
12. Grate CHEESE if you haven't already done so and add to the eggs.
13. Add a little bit more salt if you think it is needed
14. Line your chosen pie dishes/muffin trays/baking tin with the ham. It doesn't have to be perfect and if there are holes that is OK
15. Divide pumpkin mix between the pie dishes or muffin pans or put into the ham lined pie dish if making a quiche
16. Cover with sliced tomato and extra grated cheese
17. Bake 30mins or until they look cooked and remove before the ham at the top burns.

COMMENTS - The pumpkin part is a ravioli filling that I decided would be lovely in a Ham Cup/Pie so I tried it out and yes, it is a hit, especially with him in the barn for taking as a packed lunch when necessary.

marcs, Aug 17, 11:47am
I roast mine with skin on. Once cooked and cooled and take off the skin and freeze them in zip lock bags or take away containers. This way I have a years supply. When needed I take it out to make soup or Indian style pumpkin or the pumpkin loaf. It also comes in handy has a mash or in pasta bakes and pumpkin and feta muffins.

buzzy110, Aug 17, 9:19pm
They are quite delicious steamed and mashed with a bit of lemon juice or butter or cream. Use them instead of mashed potatoes.

pinkybar, Aug 17, 9:30pm

rainrain1, Aug 21, 11:23pm
Pams Pumpkin Loaves recipe. she says 1 teasp (not level) of etc, etc, would you take that to mean raised or less than a tsp?

By the way thanks for the ideas. I will make the loaves then use the leftover mash for veg tonight

davidt4, Aug 22, 12:09am
Pumpkin Coconut Gratin

600g pumpkin, peeled and sliced 1cm
2 large onions, peeled and thinly sliced
400 ml can coconut milk or cream
salt and pepper

In an ovenproof baking dish put layers of pumpkin, about 1 cm thick, alternately with sliced onion. add salt and pepper, pour coconut milk over. Bake in a moderate oven for about an hour or until completely tender and only a little liquid remains.

Serve with any kind of grilled or roasted meat or as a main course by itself, with green vegetables or a salad.

unknowndisorder, Aug 22, 12:20am
I would take it as heaped, but a low heap not a high one. But it is also a taste factor.

buzzy110, Aug 22, 12:32am
The recipe wasn't clear. Was that one teaspoon each or one heaped tspn of a mix of the spices (as in pumpkin spice).

If measuring out individually then I would use -
½ tspn of cloves
¼ tspn nutmeg (which should be used sparingly anyway)
½ tspn allspice
1 tspn cinnamon

I'd add - ½ tspn ginger and leave out the cloves because that would be my taste.

valentino, Aug 22, 12:58am
I personally never uses level teaspoon of anything unless it is absolutely noted. Likewise when I see "heap teaspoon" as in that recipe, I naturally just ensure it is a very heap, that is slightly more than I do normally.

Each and everyone usually have their own style and Pam in this case actually emphasised the "Heap" in one of the measures and to mean "heap" means that extra taste and I also took it that it was for all those teaspoon measures and works great with me. I've done a few and never a problem.

Editing to note that "Not Level" is another way of saying "heaped".
Used the word heap / ed rather than not level which could also be just under the teaspoon measure.

rainrain1, Aug 22, 1:37am
Could have fooled me, plus it doesn't say when to add the pumpkin, I added it after the eggs were mixed in. but they are beautiful loaves anyway, great big boys! I put 3/4cup sultanas in one and not the other.

I have another question. would they keep OK for a stall this Friday, out of the freezer (if so how do I store them)? or would I be best to freeze them and mark that they had been frozen?. or would you even put a pre frozen loaf on a stall?

valentino, Aug 22, 4:20am
Yeah, just noticed this re Pumpkin, normally Pumpkin being a wet ingredient will go with other wets like as you noted - the eggs, I did the same too.

I have frozen them and thawed them, simply great. For a stall, perhaps just leave them as they are and don't note anything but maybe freely discuss if anyone query. It is very close to tastes etc as a fruit cake.


rainrain1, Aug 22, 6:01am
Yea, sometimes loaves are nicer after a day or two anyway. they cut better, thanks valentino. think I will glad warp them and put them in a container

rainrain1, Aug 22, 6:21am
Second thoughts. Maybe glad wrap (not glad warp) and in the fridge and not a container. Lets's do the time warp again.

cookessentials, Oct 24, 3:48am
yes rainrain. For the spices, I add plenty, so heaped tsp is fine

cookessentials, Dec 11, 7:04pm
They will keep for ages in an airtight container and they freeze perfectly. Pumpkin in after beating sugar eggs and oil

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