My crockpot method sucks - all help welcome!

nicwil, Jun 6, 8:49am
So I made lamb shanks in the crock pot on Sunday - used a McCormick's slow cooker packet mix which said 2 cans of tomatoes - and the shanks ended up in a load of liquid, nicely cooked and tender but with no taste of the packet mix. This often happens and it drives me up the wall - even if I cook from scratch - any tips? Recipes also welcome! The most successful thing I've made to date in it is macaroni cheese.

bisloy, Jun 6, 9:26am
Do you add extra liquids, i.e. water? I have found that often washes the flavour. I don't like the crockpot mixes as I also find them flavourless.
I add dry soup mixes for preference, gravy mix, condensed soup and stock cubes for flavour. It is very important to adjust the seasoning toward the end of the cooking.

rainrain1, Jun 6, 8:58pm
We like ours simply slow roasted without all that extra gut rot. lol, either in the oven or in the crockpot. Lay them on a bed of chopped onions in your crockpot, add a tblsp or two of water, salt and pepper if you want, and just let them cook away

twindizzy, Jun 6, 9:34pm
Tinned toms

fifie, Jun 6, 10:25pm
Rub shanks with little oil crushed garlic sp, brown in a hot pan.Slice onions lay on bottom of crockpot put shanks on top, drizzle some mint sauce on top lid on and cook. Dinner time remove, put onions juices in a saucepan and make a gravy.

342, Jun 7, 12:04am
I use that packet mix every now and then and only ever put in one can of tomatoes. I also thicken up the liquid about half an hour before serving with either a cornflour paste or sometimes flaked potato.

lythande1, Jun 7, 1:27am
Packets are generally rubbish anyway. Buy stock, herns etc yourself.
Don't use so much liquid, 2 cans is a lot really.

rainrain1, Sep 5, 6:48pm
And a sprig or two of Rosemary.

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