Chunky apple sauce instead of lemon curd

bubblegirlblack, Jan 30, 7:24am
Normally I would mix a jar of lemon curd with cream to put in some sweet pastry cases but I was wondering if I could use a jar of chunky apple sauce with the cream instead?

unknowndisorder, Jan 30, 9:13am
For me, it would be a bit blah, just not a strong enough flavour. Berries instead?

245sam, Jan 30, 7:49pm
Agreed, bubblegirlblack IMO if you were to use apple, it would need to be spiced apple. :-))

petal1955, Jan 30, 8:59pm
How about spicing the apple up with some cinnamon and ground cloves and put spoonfuls into the pastry case and then a dollop of cream on top with some cinnamon sugar sprinkled?

bubblegirlblack, Jan 31, 5:57am
Thanks petal that sounds like a good idea.
Am now thinking I could mix in some passion fruit.

unknowndisorder, Jan 31, 6:00am
Ooh, that sounds nicer :)

bubblegirlblack, Jan 31, 6:09am
Trying to avoid going to the supermarket lol.

245sam, Jan 31, 9:23am
bubblegirlblack, your thought re passionfruit would be nice and another thought I've just had is a favourite fruit of mine - blackcurrants. If you have some blackcurrant jam, IMO that and a dollop of cream would be a nice filling for the pastry cases. :-))

bubblegirlblack, Oct 29, 5:00pm
Oooh that sounds nice too. Thanks245sam.

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