Leg of pork.

smallwoods, Jul 29, 9:07am
Well just thought I'd try something different tonight.
Skinned the leg, put aside.
Got the pressure cooker out, in goes 1 cup of water, 1 of apple cider, 1 of pineapple juice, placed leg on rack in cooker a set on high for 40 minutes.
Did the skin with boiling water, dried and oil and salt. Into oven on high bake.
Pulled the leg out and tested for "done", nope back in for another 30 minutes. But what we tested was beautiful.

So having tea about 70-80 minutes after starting and the best crackling I've ever done.

schnauzer11, Jul 30, 12:29pm
Sounds great, smallwoods. I'm a big fan of the pressure-cooker. I'll bet your crackling was awesome! I made the best crackling of my life last night. I dried, oiled and salted the skin, then roasted the pork at 240-deg, with oiled-veg alongside. The high heat made a brilliant job of everything, and the pork was not over-cooked. Crunchy crackling!

socram, Jul 30, 10:19pm
Sensible cooking!

My pressure cooker (Prestige) is now about 50 years old! Maybe time for a replacement, so any suggestions as to a decent, large one? Love steak and kidney pud (suet crust) with the meat pre-cooked in the pressure cooker, then the actual pud done in it.

michele26, Jul 31, 6:14am
Hi I would love to be able to source a gasket for my old Prestige anyone know where?

melford, Jul 31, 7:15am
www.pressurecooker.com.au I ordered one from here and received it no problem and it took one week

glasshalfull, Jul 31, 8:59am
I bought one from Mitre 10 a few years back.

glasshalfull, Jul 31, 9:02am
Good on you smallwoods. I remember the last thread about pressure cookers and you decided to get out your pot and give it a dust off and now look at you go!.
Pork crackling if it isn't looking the part, give it a zap in the microwave and it crunches up beautifully!

smallwoods, Jan 12, 5:41am
Been through the freezers and most of the bones have now been pressure cooked, meat removed and vacuum sealed.
Got packets of beef , pork and bacon (one I dropped 3 whole chilies in), ready to go into dishes later.

Got the rack to fit the bottom of the cooker, because I'd keep going to long sometimes and burn the bottom. Have to keep moving the meat around. Rack works perfect, so don't need onions on the bottom.

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