can you still buy them?

Chef_pericles, Jul 10, 11:10 am

Yes, but they are as expensive as all hell. But oh god, an oxtail casserole, makes me drool just thinking about it.

Chef_westward1, Jul 10, 11:31 am

they used to be cheap as chips, couldn't give them away

Chef_pericles, Jul 10, 11:33 am

We can but usually have to order from butcher, not cheap either. love it in winter, mine comes with beef we get, if lucky I get kids as well they dont eat it lol. yum.

Chef_fifie, Jul 10, 11:36 am

Talking about kids eating it, I remember 50 odd years ago as a kid Mum telling us we were having the tail end of the beast (we lived on a farm) so naturally we thought oh well it must be the end of the meat in the freezer. After we had eaten it Mum told us what it was. Funny I love a good oxtail stew now.

Chef_samsnan, Jul 10, 4:21 pm

Like I have said before. the last bit over the fence is always the sweetest!

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 10, 4:45 pm

bought some the other day at the supermarket /slow cooker with onions carrots yummo served with mustard mash , snow outside warm tummy inside

Chef_nannahall1, Jul 11, 8:55 pm

countdown are not allowed to stock them,nw got them in because I asked,none of the butchers stock them and if they do they come frozen,billing stock them at $30 where nw charges $11 for the same amount. I found this out last week. I was also told it's old people's food so there's no need for them so I asked nw if they no longer had "old" people shopping with them. within a couple days the old food appeared at my local nw.

Chef_gabbysnana, Jul 12, 9:05 am

I found mine in the chiller at Oamaru New World. About $9.00+ per tail. The casserole I made was disappointing though due to their fattiness.

Chef_elsielaurie1, Jul 12, 9:48 am

Oxtail does involve more work to cook than most other cuts, mainly because it is best to refrigerate the casserole overnight to allow the fat to set on top. This can then be lifted off.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 12, 10:19 am

Last time I saw 3 pieces of oxtail on a tray in the SM they were asking $7 so I immediately said in a loud voice they can stick that.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 13, 8:39 am

Three pieces doesn't an ox tail make, you should get 9 or 10 sections. Not sure how many sections in the tail, the tiny bones are as good as the thick ones. I'd be giving the butcher a bit of whato over the 3 pieces

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 13, 9:20 am

2 pieces on a tray yesterday at the Mad butcher here for over 10 dollars. The kilo price was something like $15 or 16 I think. They were the fat pieces from the base of the tail, but still.

On the other hand 1 fat beef cheek was $4.50 and it has no bones either.

Chef_uli, Jul 13, 10:22 am

Full oxtail from butchers with us in beef country is about 15/ 16 dollars which depending how its cut should yield about 7-8 pieces. Probably why they only sell 2-3 pieces is mostly only oldies buy it so its packaged in small portions for that market.

Chef_fifie, Jul 13, 10:41 am

I got whole tails for $11.47 and $12.23 last week at nw. can someone e tell me which is the best tasting beef meat to make into soups and stews. rump doesn't cut it.

Chef_gabbysnana, Jul 13, 10:48 am

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