Has anyone bought the $109 airfryer from TM seller & found it satisfactory

Chef_thitryfiver, Jul 2, 2:26 pm

I did buy one from Trade Me but it I don't think it is the same as you mention. Mine was cheaper ($69)and I have used it quite a bit. There are only two of us at home now so I cook sausages, chops, supermarket chips, individual pies, and roast vegetables in it. There may have been other things too that I may have forgotten. For the price I paid I am really happy with it. I felt I couldn't justify the expensive ones.

The first time I used it, it sounded so loud, I thought there must be something faulty with it but then it settled down and it works fine. It might be noisier than more expensive models but it's fine with me. Because of quantities I do it's very suitable for us. Would have not been much use if our children were still home and I was cooking for them as well.

Its easy to clean and cheaper than heating the oven.

Chef_rai5, Jul 2, 5:13 pm

Thanks rai5 there are only 2 of us also & both elderly, I mainly want one to cook chips for fish fillets, seller says chips are crisp but would like to know if they really are,would be great not to use oil, I could grill chips but using oven is akward for me. Do you find the chips cook crisp.

Chef_thitryfiver, Jul 3, 12:04 am

Great for cooking chips, roast veges etc. Roast chicken comes out wonderful too, just like a rotisserie cooked one. I use mine for everything I'd use the my big oven for. Much cheaper too.

Chef_nauru, Jul 3, 12:34 am

We use our airfryer for many things. Chips are so good. Just spray a little oil over them. Cheese on toast is superb.

Chef_clair4, Jul 3, 8:36 am

Cakes are fab in them as well.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 3, 1:59 pm

we use ours for toasted cheese sandwich's too, it is great! we have a philips air fryer. chips are delicious, we love it! we use it for heaps of different things instead of the oven.

Chef_nextstop, Jul 3, 7:51 pm

can you do home made chips

Chef_whistle, Jul 4, 2:43 pm

Sure you can . chips from all kinds of vegetables.

Chef_samanya, Jul 4, 3:59 pm

Yes they really are crisp.

Chef_eljayv, Apr 15, 4:42 am

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