*** Where can we buy powered eggs?***

Anyone have any idea's please?

Chef_standard, Jul 10, 4:00 pm

Hunting & Fishing.
It's called . wait for it . "Ova Easy".
Makes great pancakes, omelettes, scramblers, I use it on my camping/tramping trips all the time.

Chef_lemming2, Jul 10, 4:44 pm

In an egg car-ton?

Chef_hezwez, Jul 10, 6:55 pm


Chef_wendalls, Jul 10, 8:50 pm

Love that .

Chef_eljayv, Jul 10, 8:58 pm

In Dunedin an importer is L M Wright . it comes in three forms, egg albumen, egg yolk and whole egg and its used in lots of commercial baking plus body builders use the egg albumen mainly. Its mainly imported from the USA.

Chef_karlymouse, Mar 24, 2:46 pm

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