Boil up help

I am a Diabetic have been told that boil up is good for you but to use meat with no fat how do I make it and what veges & greens do I use ?

Chef_sailor13, Jun 24, 10:48 pm

Diabetics not on insulin should avoid sugar and minimise carbohydrates.
fat has no effect on sugar levels and is just some of the dieticians pet thing - the old fat = heart attacks theory.

If you are on insulin, you can adjust it to compensate. that is, more carbs, more insulin.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 25, 7:11 am

Bais recipe here:
Watercress is a MUST. You can add other things like sausages, cabbage etc, but you have to have watercress. Won't taste the same without it. I also think it tastes better after the 3rd reheat. Now I am craving for some LOL

Chef_jan2242, May 4, 9:14 pm

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