Forgot to thaw the lamb leg!

I am lazy and cook most things from frozen. I usually start a bit hot, around 200 then turn it down to about 160 after about an hour and a half. Chuck in the garlic, rosemary and salt and pepper it (lots of this). Sometimes I sprinkle over some flour and more salt and pepper once I uncover it to give it a little bit of a crust . yummy, yummy.

Chef_bisloy, Jan 1, 10:36 am

I always cook lamb from frozen.

Chef_rockie6, Jan 1, 10:39 am

I'm never going to get my domestic goddess badge at this rate. I just asked DH casually what time I should put the lamb leg on, and at that moment realised that I hadn't defrosted it. MIL said to put it in the oven on a low heat now and cook it slowly for 4-5 hours. What does anybody else think?

Chef_wasala, Dec 26, 9:43 am

Defrost it in the MW

Chef_lyingnun, Dec 26, 9:47 am

On a low heat for 5-6 hours and it will be as tender as. Lunch will be late. or ready in time for dinner

Chef_petal1955, Dec 26, 9:54 am

I have cooked frozen lamb on a low heat, it turned out delicious and super tender.

Chef_datoofairy, Dec 26, 9:56 am

Oh yay! I was so pleased with myself because I'm a useless cook generally but I've made carrot salad with a yummy orange mayo, boysenberry cheesecake ice cream, ambrosia, trifle, a cooked ham in Coca-Cola, and an exotic roast chicken. I thought I'd dropped the ball with my lamb leg but it sounds as if we'll be fine.

It must be time for a pain au chocolat and a Bucks Fizz!

Chef_wasala, Dec 26, 10:06 am

Sound like you don't need the lamb, really :)

I had an epic fail yesterday - cooked cheesecake that was under. tHe birds were very happy with my fail.

Ah well, almost time to head out, so merry Xmas all :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Dec 26, 11:50 am

wasala hope it all worked out for you yesterday! I would've been panicking a bit too. unless I'd been drinking!, Dec 27, 1:24 pm

I cook legs from frozen always. they turn out beautiful> Plus I never time them, test with a carving fork when you think it should be near to done.

Chef_rainrain1, Dec 27, 3:00 pm

Well my Bucks Fizz was pretty well diluted with about 10% bubbles to 90% orange juice but we got through and those who tried the lamb declared it very good!

Chef_wasala, Dec 27, 8:08 pm

Awesome. And I learnt something from this thread - that you can cook lamb from frozen. (even though I thawed mine last night and is currently sitting in a marinade for Monday's dinner)., Dec 27, 9:54 pm

Bon appetite!

Chef_wasala, Dec 27, 10:21 pm

okay if okay to cook frozen LOL - what temp is considered low enough but hot enough ?
100 ?
5 - 6 hours and super tender sounds lovely

Chef_jethrocat, Dec 30, 9:44 pm

This - I cook my defrosted lamb for 5 hours on a low heat

Chef_sarahb5, Dec 31, 12:02 pm


Chef_sapphire152, Dec 31, 4:36 pm

I cook frozen legs of lamb in a covered oven dish on my big covered BBQ, they come out very tender and moist, my mother thought I was nuts doing this until she tried it one night when I had the kids one weekend, kids and mum couldn't get enough of it.

Chef_mrcat1, May 23, 10:55 pm