Old Old kenwood mixer . who fixes

Hi, I have an old kenwood mixer I inherited from my wonderful grandmother that isn't running so well, anyone know who fixes old mixers in christchruch area? thanks

Chef_templeton1, Apr 29, 8:34 pm

Saxons fixed one for me

Chef_issymae, Apr 30, 8:56 am

Saxons fixed mine too.

Chef_greerg, May 3, 7:22 pm

Any suggestions for Auckland servicing? I finally got around to cleaning up a stored Kenwood a701 mixer and tried using it to mince meat the other day and today I tried to make scone dough with it. Both times things went well until it met too much resistance and all but stalled.

Chef_paora-tm, May 3, 11:47 pm

Rankin McManus on Dominion rd.

Chef_dreamers, May 4, 4:40 pm

Google search or personal recommendation?

Chef_paora-tm, May 4, 5:35 pm

Used them when my 35 year old Kenwood couldn't mix a few years ago .( think it was a gear they changed ) and it's perfect again.They told me they are a fantastic machine and totally worth fixing.

Chef_dreamers, Aug 26, 3:14 pm

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