My Plum Sauce is runny?

I can't seem to get my plum sauce to a nice thick stage ? What can I do please, please. Thanks I hope.

Chef_anne1955, Feb 10, 7:10 pm

Mine is always really runny too. Last time I made it, which was about a week ago, I took it upon myself to add some cornflour.

Chef_melcraig, Feb 10, 7:25 pm

Reduce it further?

Chef_laspaz, Feb 10, 7:27 pm

reducing tifurther ill change flavour simple addition is to add apples the pectin in the fruit is a natural thickener and will also add a slight sweetness i add a cinnamon quill and a star anise to balance flours aswell add two peeled apples per 500g and shuld make diffrence

Chef_brucechef, Feb 11, 2:49 am

i would grate the apple skin in as most of the pektin is in the skin and if its grated you wont know its there

Chef_whitehead., Feb 11, 4:32 pm

would it not thicken as time goes on. I am sure one year my tomato sauce seemed very runny, but after a few months it had thickened up

Chef_korbo, Feb 11, 8:41 pm

Simmer it longer, stirring often so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan - also, it will thicken more once cold. Maybe put a few tablespoons of the mix on a plate and into the freezer till cold - you'll see how thick it will be once it's cooled in your bottles, so know when it's cooked enough for your preference.

Chef_music_note, Feb 11, 10:30 pm

That is so interesting regarding the apples. I'm going to try that next time.

Chef_melcraig, Feb 12, 9:16 am

it depends on your lids pickle will evaparate in time.if your lids are not right please . for give spelling

Chef_whitehead., Mar 3, 12:55 pm

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